Ready for consumption

Ready for consumption

Our product line ready to eat was created for your greater convenience.

All products of this line are ready for consumption, in other words, they are fully fried, baked or cooked, you dont have to worry about anything else, beause the whole mess was in our kitchen, for you everything remaining is to enjoy without any effort.

This line is part of the frozen line, where you can conserve in convenience and reach of your freezer all the flavor and unique texture of a product made on time, so that when one goes hungry you just need to reheat them as our recommendation and delight a impeccable tasty and textured product.

This line will also be found in the category party and warm, including delivering on time if necessary, so that on the day of that event, you do not need to worry about nothing but the guests. Consult us for further information.

The products of this line must be consumed immediately if they are from warm line or kept preferably in a freezer at -18°C in the case of frozen ones.

For any further information or clarification, please contact us by email or phone.