Frozen product

Frozen product

Our line of frozen products was created for your greater convenience.

All products of this line are frozen immediately after preparation at a temperature of -18°C, thus preserving for a longer time all the flavor and original properties of the product.

We also offer in this line theproducts ready for consumption, which are fully prepared, fried, baked or cooked and frozen soon after. These products have passed several quality tests to ensure the taste and texture of a fresh product made and also offer to you a unique practicality, because you it just need to removes them from the freezer, reheat them in your home and enjoy all the flavor without worrying about frying odors, the messy in the kitchen or that dirt after preparation, everything has been designed by us and all these problems were kept in our kitchen, leaving the task for you to just savor and enjoy yourself without worry.

The products of this line should be preferably kept in a freezer at -18°C until consumption .

For any further information or clarification, please contact us by email or phone.

The expiration date of the products will be shown on the packaging label.