Who are we ?


We are a couple of immigrants, from São Paulo – Brazil here in Quebec in 2010, who loves to cook for friends, who loves to try new recipes and experiment  always new menus!

Arriving here, we started to miss many things that we loved in Brazil, such somes pastry, cookies, etc… Which are hard to find here in Canada, it was the desire of our Brazilian specialties that led us to start making our tests and adaptations of recipes with ingredients that we have here, as Susans was born into a family that has a food store, she doesn’t rested until it reached her level of quality and taste, so the Cuisine du Brésil was born to bring you a bit of Brazilian wonders with Susana ‘s impeccable quality and dedication!

We always innovating and inventing new flavors, new things and we are watching everything, we love to hear opinions and even criticisms if they are constructive as well, of course!

Cuisine du Brésil is there to suit all tastes! Including allergics, intolerants to any of our products, we can remove them without any problems… We are very flexible and whith the thought in always satisfy the customer! Each order is made as the customer wants, and we are very attentive to the details and willing and able to meet the customer from beginning to end, offering our support and help with everything you need! We are so, we do our best for your event and to our treats are always a hit!!!!!