Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will put answers to questions they normally do to us…

1 - Can heat up in the microwave ?

yes you can, but the quality of the product will be adjusted and the texture will change a bit, the best and recommended by us is heating it in a conventional oven at 360 degrees for about 15 minutes…

2 - Do you use milk in the topping on the savory ? My son is allergic to milk.

not, we make the crust only with water and breadcrumbs precisely because of these allergies that are common here…

3 - Do you use egg in the recipe ? I'm allergic to egg.

we do not use eggs in savories, but if you have any questions, the section “Additional Information” for each product has a list of ingredients in this product, or you can enter the store and make a filter by ingredient using the menu on the right.

4 - Can I freeze even after fried ?

Yes, of course! We did the test and we are even selling savories already fried and frozen.

5 - Which is the validity of a frozen savorie ?

we say it lasts 2 months safely, but we believe that last much longer.

6 - Do you sell less than one cent ? it's just me and my husband.

yes, of course!! In the shop you will find several quantity options , if none of them suits you, contact us and we will be happy to meet a special request!

7 - Do you deliver ?

yes, for the whole region of Quebec.

8 - You fry in time for an event ?

yes, after all, there’s nothing better than freshly cooked savory, simply contact us to get it right the details such as the date and time.

9 - Can I pay by check or credit card ?

yes, simply select desired option when checking out. Credit card is accepted via PayPal, completely safely for you. (You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay with credit card).

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