Hello world!

You are very welcome to our website Cuisine du Brésil!!

This idea appeared in many meetings with our friends who live here in Québec, in Montréal and Toronto and whenever we receive them here at home, we cooking the goodies of Brazilian cuisine that make us miss… But from these meetings we began to receive orders that we accepted only to satisfy our friends and growing orders, came the sales… as customers besides friends, neighbors and coworkers, in mouth to mouth advertisement we just selling up to shop, birthday parties, events, Church meetings and even desires of many pregnant…

Well, thus came about the Cuisine du Brésil. We hope you enjoy the many delicious things we offer to you, prepared with love and affection. We also invited our dear friend Miriam Abdala to join us on this delicious site because she knows and makes as anyone else the perfects sweets more delicious and perfects that I ate ever!

Kisses and thank you for your visit on our website! 🙂

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