I am making this testimonial to say that we are very proud of the work done, step by step we are bringing you a way more accessible and practical to find the Brazilian delicacies here in our beautiful city that is Quebec.

I have full confidence that we are catering to the taste of Brazil and also attracting the attention and mouths of many others, we work only with raw material of high quality and Susana with her ​​30 years of experience manufacturing and selling food has clearly demonstrated that her number one goal is to the surprise and exceed expectations for each order.

Our online store is not 100% yet, but with the help and suggestions of all, we are improving little by little !

Hello people of Québec!
I come to you guys to announce the sales site of Brazilian salted for those who have missed the taste of Brazil and also for those not familiar, taste and know what the cuisine of Brazil has to offer of yummy and different!!

I as a father and father in law (Father of Jeison and Father inlaw of Susana), I am very happy and proud to see the progress and success of you.

Congratulations for your courage and effort in doing this project, which we can already see that it will be a success.

A big kiss to you both.

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